Merits and Demerits of Native and Hybrid Applications

April 14, 2017

Native or Hybrid App? This is one of the greatest debate among IT specialists these days, both Native and Hybrid applications have its merits and demerits, whereas some App development companies have been using both options according to their Client’s requirements.

Native Applications are developed for a specific platform using programming languages (Objective-C/Swift for iOS or Java for Android)and it takes the full advantage of its platform features, a time taking process but works very effectively in mobile Operating systems.

Before moving towards Hybrid App, it’s necessary to get a brief idea about Web Applications, as Hybrid Application is the combination of Native and Web Application, A web app is written in web code that is similar to a website but more interactive so it feels like an app on mobile devices, i.e. those website which are responsive on mobile Operating systems and act like an applications on browsers are called Web Apps.

Hybrid Applications, as I told above, it contains the elements of both Native and Web Application, as these are designed for various platforms, they’re easy to run on different Mobile Operating systems, which makes it more cost-effective that’s why App development companies are moving towards Hybrid Applications.

Selecting between Native and Hybrid Application is a difficult decision for companies these days, both the technologies have its Perks and Snags. Native Application takes more time but works more smoothly whereas on the other hand Hybrid Application takes lesser time and are Cost-Effective when compared to Native Applications but isn’t the best when it comes to Quality.

Nowadays, Application Development companies are rushing towards Hybrid Applications because of its cost-effectiveness and less time-consumption, but when clients agree to pay higher Prices and demand better quality, eventually they’re provided with a Native Application.


Coming to the conclusion, the selection of Application can sometimes be a difficult task to perform, but there are some factors which make it easier for companies to make this decision; Size of company, Purpose of building an App, App Development Budget and what the In-house Skills are. Keeping these factors in mind it will make it easier for company to decide which option is better.


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